CS Projects

Safe City


2020 | I helped to design this website along with a small team of students as part of the MIT class Software Studio. It uses crime data from in and around Cambridge in order to map relative safety in different areas. The site uses Vue as a frontend framework and is backed by a SQL database.

Women of AI


2019 | As the Design Lead, I designed the websites, social media, and other marketing material for the non profit company building women leaders in AI. I was part of the founding team, contributing my design skills in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS over the course of 2019. I led the strategy on the homepage layout to highlight the features and benefits of Women of AI.

GenKin – MIT web.lab

Website | GitHub Repository

January 2019 | I designed this website as part of web.lab, an MIT course and competition in web development. It allows users to upload information about their family tree, as well as media, to create an immersive experience. The site uses backend web technologies such as Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.